Apr 11, 2007

Myspace bulletin podcast player

So here's a shortcut for sending out customized podcast announcements on myspace through the use of bulletins. You send out a flash player with a few helpful links so people who open the bulletin can listen to the episode in the bulletin without having to go anywhere else. If they like what they hear, they can click on the subscribe buttons below it or on the link to the show's blog or website.

1. Use the Podcast Pickle Player and size it to 500 by 60 pixels.

2. Add a graphic above the player with your show and episode title, as well as episode info and length.

3. Below the player, add links to itunes, rss and the show's blog or website.

4. Below that, place the podcast producer's logo, linked to their website.

5. Always include a repost box just in case someone wants to share the player with their friends.

1 comment:

Summer said...

Mark, this looks great- I have to have some time to browse around it, but it looks really good from first peek.
Your dedication to this type of media amazes me.

Who links to my website?