Jun 8, 2007

Paper Speakers

"Boring billboards can be turned into interactive displays by using conductive inks to print touch sensors and speakers onto paper, say Swedish researchers.

"The first generation of paper was for display, like books," says Mikael Gulliksson, a researcher at Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall, Sweden, "the second for packaging, and the third for hygiene - we are investigating what the fourth might be."

Gulliksson and colleagues think "paper four", as they call it, will be interactive. Prototype billboards currently on display at the university show how that might be possible.

The paper surfaces of the 2 meter high billboards respond to users' touch by playing clips from music albums, or spoken dialogue from a comedian..." (Source, Source)

Watch the video

Here's the part I found most interesting:

"We are interested in scaling the technology down to produce interactive packaging for products like chocolates..."

I guess if this didn't drive up the price of the product, it would make shopping an incredible experience. Imagine. You could buy a cd from a box of cereal, or maybe once you got the box of Bisquick home, it would speak the baking directions to you as you made the bicuits.

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