Jul 6, 2007

Orlando Sentinel blogs Lady Raptastic

Ok, this I would have never guessed in a million years. Roger Moore, theatre critic for the Orlando Sentinel, posted the lineup for this Sunday's "Enzian Film Slam," a monthly film short-showing event at the Enzian Theatre. The lineup this week just happens to include Lady Raptastic's music video Monkey Suicide.

Roger Moore went a step further. He embedded Lady Raptastic's video directly on his blog, above his posting for the event!

He also called the video "comic-ironic." So is that an official Orlando Sentinel review of Monkey Suicide?

Click on her name below to see his blog post. And be sure to come to Enzian Film Slam this Sunday at 1pm to see a live audience's reaction to this video that has already gotten 39,000 views on youtube.

Click here: Lady Raptastic

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