Jul 5, 2007

Play Festival on NYC Holiday Inn Rooftop

I was reading an article on the use of water in current theatrical productions in New York City and came across a neat-sounding production called Swim Shorts.
"For Swim Shorts, 10 writers were commissioned to create plays centered on the 25-foot-long, 7-foot-deep tourist oasis 14 stories above West 57th Street. The results include a piece featuring puppets and an alien spacecraft landing, another using a boat hand-built in Nebraska, and a renegade show in which the water stands in for quicksand. Though there’s not much time for on-site rehearsal (scheduling around hotel guests can be tricky), there’s an unmissable backdrop: the Midtown skyline on one side and the sunset over the Hudson on the other. Audience members sit on lounge chairs on the deck; umbrella-topped cocktails are served from an adjoining bar. “It’s summer,” Mr. Sherman said. “You want to cool off.” And after this show you can. For an additional $7 you too can jump into the set. There’s even a lifeguard."

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