Jul 4, 2007

Tunecore gets you on itunes

For my friends who make music (which total zero), I found out about a website you might be interested in via a New York Times article I read on my phone.

Let me pause and say reading the Times on my phone is so very nice. (A) I don't have to carry around a physical newspaper and (B) I am getting the newspaper's content FOR FREE! The best use of the phone-newspaper is when you're on an elyptical machine. No pages to turn, no paper to wrinkle and crinkle. It's just there right in front of you in your hands, on your little phone.

The website is Tunecore.com. You pay Tunecore.com some pretty small fees and in turn, you can sell your songs and albums on itunes!

Now of course I am not a musician. I podcast. So I am interested in selling my podcasts, both already-produced and forthcoming. I thought I could somehow turn Tunecore.com into my very own podcasting money machine. But I can't due to the length of my shows.

They deal in albums, and every album lasts 74 minutes. And you cannot sell just single songs on itunes through Tunecore.com without having those single songs attached to an album. So if a podcast episode is 30-minutes (which many of mine are), here's the breakdown of what I would pay:

-One-time fees of 99 cents per single song (which, in my case, is a 30-minute episode). Not bad.

-One-time fee of 99 cents per album (which in my case, would contain two 30-minute "songs"). Not bad.

-$20/year for that album. Bad.
I wrote the company asking about a volume discount, which they do offer. However, the concept of single songs only being available for purchase if an album is attached to those songs would remain. I was looking to skip the whole album concept and just have them sell songs (30-minute podcasts) for 99 cents. No go.

The best way to handle this would be for me to create short-form content that's about the length of a song. I could pack several 3-minute-ish episodes onto one album, making the album worth the $9.99 price tag, and if the content is really good, people might buy the 3-minute episode "singles" since (A) it's good content and (B) they already buy 3-minute musical content.

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peter said...

We'll find a way to make it work for you, Mark! It's all a question of form.

Thanks for the kind words! And we truly hope the yearly fee isn't so bad--it comes with a free UPC, free ISRCs and many, many more benefits.

Thanks again!


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