Sep 30, 2007

BlogRush a traffic pyramid scheme?

I've subscribed to what appears to be a pyramid scheme (and Mashable agrees) minus the involvement of money called BlogRush. You sign up, then others sign up because they see your BlogRush widget, and because they signed up through me, I get credits which means my blog posts will appear on more BlogRush-branded widgets, and so on. The goal of the user is to drive traffice to their blog. The goal for me is to just see how ridiculous this service is. If it works I'll let you know. But for now, click here to join so my posts can appear on ten billion blogs and I can become famous. Ha. (Photo courtesy of Mashable)


ryanprice said...

Funny thing. As soon as I heard of this, I remembered an idea you shared with me about getting bloggers to swap headlines to raise SEO.

Did you know these guys are from Orlando?

Me said...

Someone's defensive. Is this your company?

Who links to my website?