Oct 3, 2007

They Might Be Giants on the Travel Channel

I was lazily watching tv in my hotel room. Tv...mother-ship of crap content. I was only watching it to avoid the five mile walk to downtown Albany, New York, I told myself I wanted to do 2 hours prior. Procrastination...mother-ship of crap content.

A show called "Amazing Vacation Homes" popped up on the Travel Channel. What else would make the broke feel less worthy and foce that "aspiration" feeling so many luxury designers want us to have than showing us homes we could never afford? God, i am so craving a $1,200 Gucci purse right now!

Anyways, the point of this post is that the theme song sounded like it was done by "They Might Be Giants." So, I looked it up and sure enough, according to the They Might Be Giants Wiki, operated by the band themselves, it is. And boy, that show theme song is not the only one they've done. Wow. They're probably rolling in $1,200 Gucci purses.

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