Sep 29, 2007

Holly Fretwell wants you in a car, kids

The Wall Street Journal's article Inconvenient Youths is a great read because it shows how kids can become obsessed with something other than toys, tv shows and beating up little gay kids. (I was the one getting beat up and teased, but that's another topic for another post) Anyways, one line in the article got me so angry I had to stop reading, put down the paper (yes, the paper, not the laptop. I am staying at a Mariott where the Wall Street Journal is free.) and share this quote with you from a book by Holly Fretwell:

“While riding a bike saves energy and is great exercise, it gives you less time to do other things, like sports or homework... We drive our car because it gets us to work and play faster.”
Why not add, " also gives you less time to hug your Mother, feed a kitten and see Mickey Mouse"?

I personally feel biking is one of THE best things we can do and is the ultimate example of multi-tasking: you exercise, you get from point A to point B, and you do not affect the environment. This argument that cars give us more time to do other things sounds like it came from 1954. "The car will make your life better, freeing you up to do wonderful things like spend time with your family, have a bar b q, or relax by the tv." It also sounds like propaganda.

The Wall Street Journal's article does point a light to what messages are getting to children in school from these sources of environmental information. I think what's missing from the equation is that environmentalism is not only about the environment, but about politics and business.

I think giving them the message, then letting them know who gave them the message and what that group or person benefits by giving them the message would allow kids to receive the full picture. I also think global warming should be taken out of the discussion. It's about the environment. It's about recycling. It's about not using plastic bags. It's not about Al Gore and pro-car-ism.

If you want to interview Holly Fretwell, contact Maria Sliwa, M. Sliwa Public Relations, 973-272-2861 / 212-202-4453, or (Source)

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