Sep 28, 2007

Should vlogger Shelly Palmer cite sources on his videos?

I googled "CBS Eyelab" and came across this video of Shelly Palmer giving a brief synopsis of some of the day's top stories. Now I had first heard about Eyelab from reading the Wall Street Journal print edition. Then when I watched Shelly speak about Eyespot, I noticed something: he didn't cite his resource, the WSJ. He does so on his blog, but when I googled "CBC and Eyelab," I didn't find his blog: I found his this episode of his vlog,with no citations.

Should vloggers cite their sources in their vlog episodes, even though they can be found on their blog?

In this case, I think so.

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blogTV said...

I agree, his news sources should be cited. Another great news vlogger is Steven Binko:

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