Oct 9, 2007

Amy Sedaris myspace marketer...sucks!

I contacted the person marketing Amy Sedaris on myspace and they blew me off. Here's what they were doing and how they reacted to my polite email.


Anonymous said...

1. it's most likely not her or her marketer. anyone can create accts and pretend like they are someone else.

2. that's what deleting is for!!!

Me said...

How do you know it's not "most likely" not her or her marketer? You don't. I don't. I was just pointing out someone (whoever it is) making Amy Sedaris look bad via annoying bulletins.

And yes, I am aware I can delete. I can also share. And write. And blog. I think those three things do more than me simply deleting. Who knows? Maybe someone will see this post and learn something?

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