Oct 9, 2007

Lady Raptastic Episode 82

Lady Raptastic Episode 82
SHOW NOTES: I am drinking too early in the morning, I believe Chris is dead, when someone is dead, they don't exist anymore except in your mind, George Washington freed the slaves, Word of the day: Fraggot; Opening Monologue: I love cutlery, Questions from WHITE-ONLY listeners about patients in hospitals, 14 year old fans, New Media Expo, early episodes of the Lady Raptastic show, racist sheriff blames death on black rap music, blastercast, wikipedia page for Lady Raptastic; I call in and talk about tattoos please, thank you to no one but myself for making this episode as no one decided to help me make this episode, LISTEN FOR FAN PHONE CALLS AFTER THE THEME SONG PLAYS!!!

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