Oct 15, 2007

Podlinez.com and Phonecasting.com bring podcasting to your phone

Thanks to a company called Podlinez.com powered by a company called Phonecasting.com, you can now listen to the latest episodes of some of the online audio shows I produce on your phone! How cool is that? No ipod needed, no downloading. No technical hoo-ha to get in the way now! Dial away! The calls are long distance so maybe after 9pm tonight on your cell you can check them out:

The Lady Raptastic Show: Crazy Insane Comedy
1 (765) 347-4326

How Do You Feel? A Self-Help Guru's Quest For Your Brain
1 (765) 347-4327

Vivian Beaumont and Vivian Beaumont Present a Conversation With Vivian Beaumont and Vivian Beaumont
1 (650) 293-9232

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