Oct 3, 2007

Video slide show: Albany, New York

Video slide show of downtown Albany, NY:
Always one to try new things, I share photos with you on video instead of through my usual slide show method. Future ones might turn out better as I had some technical problems while filming. If you can stand the horrible jerkiness of the camera and the noise of the camera power cord rubbing against the microphone, this might be watchable.


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ryanprice said...

Hey Mark,
Next time you do this, you should improv cabaret it one time... you know? Actually, this is my favorite Mark at 8 at 9 sofar - but I don't think I've watched all of them.

ryanprice said...

They Might Be Giants have a song about "the Egg" on their "Venue Songs" album - on one of their tours they wrote a song about every venue or city they visited. I think they played a show in that place.

I like your comment - 1973 "The Year Architecture DIED"

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