Oct 21, 2007

Wendys red wig sign makes camera phones snap

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I had lunch at a Wendy's with some friends and saw, for the first time, this cut-out sign. It's got a man's chest and neck with a red Wendy wig on top of the cut-out. This goes along with their tv ads I've seen. We thought the sign was funny and even took turns posing in it.

We found it engaging.

The people behind me found it engaging. (I could hear them talking about it.)

It started some chatter between us.

Then I discovered what I feel like is the real reason for this signage. Someone posted a photo of themselves on their myspace profile with their face in the Wendy's sign.



1. Give consumers something unique they can use their toys (ie: cameraphone) on.

2. The piece does not have to be involved, technical or labored...if the idea is awesome. This sign is made of cardboard and sits in the store.

3. Don't feel like you always need to help the consumer share your piece. They know how.

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