Oct 27, 2007

Creativitity Show Episode 1...from 2006!

Note: I recorded this on June 7, 2006 and forgot about it until I found it today. Finding this piece of audio reminds me how much I wanted to create a show like this to accompany the blog. If I can balance all the other UNPAID projects I've got going with the PAID ones, I'd love to revive this idea. Anyways, the player is above and the show notes are below.

Show Notes

Topic: Podcasts I listen to:

-Jaffe Juice: low-quality, good content, keeps asking for audio comments, creates debate about the lack of audio comments,

-CNET's Buzz Out Loud: If you're making a show about a topic your passionate about and that your audience is passionate about, there's no need to make the show sound smooth or like radio. When they make a verbal mistake, they draw attention to it and turn the show from "news" to giggle-fest. I think removing Veronica Bellmont would be a good thing for the show.

-New York Times Front Page: It influences me to buy the print edition. The show could be a lot longer. It goes through the entire newspaper, which shares headlines in sections I would never read, which makes me want to check out the sections in more detail.

-Diggnation: I think it's relevant. It's an extension of the website. The hosts are charming. They film the video podcast then take the audio from that to create the audio podcast.

-NPR Technology: Why are all the hosts black?

-Blog Relations: the host takes you to meet-ups and talks about great marketing stuff

-SXSW Recorded Sessions: fascinating panel talks

Download creativitity.com_1.mp3

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Veronica said...

Hi Mark!

You must be thrilled that I left the show then! Hope you're enjoying it more now. Sorry if I'm not your cup of tea, but you can't please all of the people all of the time!

Veronica Belmont

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