Nov 24, 2007

Episode 2: Veronica Belmont

(40:00) Veronica Belmont. The Kindle. iPod Touch. Cadbury eggs are now Cadbury ornaments. Christmas. How I leanred to volunteer better. A benefit that began with a blog post.

-Veronica Belmont
-Buzz Out Loud Podcast
-Robert Scoble
-Ipod Touch
-Cadbury Ornaments



ryanprice said...

Mark, for the same price as an iPod touch $399, here is a tiny 7" laptop with a webcam and microphone, wifi 800x600 screen that runs linux. It can do Skype (with video) and run OpenOffice and bunches of Linux programs. It has a 4GB flash memory hard drive (like you would get in the iPod touch) and a full keyboard (not a full-sized keyboard.

It also has 3 USB ports.

ryanprice said... sorry this is the link to the device it's called the EEE PC and it runs Linux, not windows or macintosh.

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