Nov 10, 2007

Mike Arrington blogging thoughts

I found some neat thoughts on blogging on I wanted to think about:

"We (TechCrunch) got big by writing about things we care passionately about and linking early and often to good stuff out there on the web, particularly other blogs.
Having a passion is pure. "Linking early and often" is a blogging growth strategy. I guess you need both.
"...Ask yourself if you are writing because you want attention, or because you love to write. The ones with passion tend to last over the long haul.
I still have Creativitity here because I keep finding cool stuff to write about. I am passionate about everything I write about here.
"Try creating something instead of just tearing others down."
I am in total agreement with this. Anyone can complain, not many solve the problem.
"I also noticed Dave is using TinyURL to link to blogs that he doesn’t like, obviously to avoid giving them any kind of link juice."
This is just SO unfriendly...and creative. I never thought of using Tinyurl for anything other than Twitter links.

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