Nov 8, 2007

Photos: Madison, Wisconsin

I discovered the Willy Street area of Madison, Wisconsin while wandering around today. It's a walkable, quiet, friendly street with pretty old houses, big trees and several locally-owned businesses including a grocery store co-op a few coffee shops, a pizza/ice cream restaurant and a store that sold just 'zines called the "Madison Info Shop."

The Info Shop was my favorite place because every single thing being sold in that store (mostel 'zines) was made by an individual or group...not a company. So refreshing. I never see tangible media made by nobodies displayed in a store.

I'm only displaying a few photos here on this post. If you want to see all 145 photos go to my Madison Flickr Set.

yellow leaves
Yellow leaves

yellow leaves
More yellow leaves

Still more yellow leaves

old house
old house

old house
old house

old sign for King Midas flour
Midas Flour sign on brick wall

Ice Cream signage in windows
Ice Cream sign in windows

Madison Info Shop
The Madison Info Shop interior

Willy Street Co-Op clip boards
Clipboards inside the Co-op Grocery Store

two red chairs in front of antique store
Two red chairs in front of antique store

The Roman Candle Pizzeria
The Roman Candle Pizzeria interior.

bench in leaves
Bench in leaves

Wil-Mar painting
Wil-Mar wall painting detail

capital building
The Capitol building (not in the Willy Street area of Madison)

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ryanprice said...

I think Madison has more pizza shops per capita than New York.

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