Sep 8, 2008

Politics and Celebrity Gossip: similar

This is the first year I've observed politics. I avoid it. It always seemed over my head and out of my realm of understanding. But this year year, I have podcasts and long walks in Queens. So, I am not getting into politics. My reaction? It's just like celebrity gossip, which I devour and have steadily since 2005 and "Pink is the New Blog" came into my life. Looks like the editor of Us Weekly agrees in this New York Times article.

"Janice Min, the editor of Us Weekly, argued that politicians were fair game.

'This is an election where personality is getting sold, oftentimes far ahead of platform, and that personal interest in the candidates has definitely crossed over into the pop-culture arena,” Ms. Min said. “I think that after so many years where people decried the interest in celebrity as a distraction from real issues, I’ve definitely noticed the worlds converging.'"

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