Sep 8, 2008

Will Starbucks do great with Good?

Starbucks will be papering it's locations with a folded one-sheet newspaper called the "Good Sheet," which will "not (b) sending a message that “you should vote this way or that way, not in a way that says you should vote Democratic or Republican, but simply in a way that says get involved, be informed,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, the chief executive of Good."

It will be "a folded piece of newsprint that presents information and statistics in a big graphic. The sheet on health care, for example, gives a history of government health care programs, statistics about health care spending, and suggestions about solutions, including notes on those that John McCain and Barack Obama endorse."

I think Starbucks will suffer greatly for this. Republicans will use Starbucks as a way to differentiate people they disagree with, creating a "Starbucks-type" for it's followers to hate. Their brand will suffer and they will be boycotted in the heartland because these sheets WILL have a liberal bias.

Here's my favorite part:

The Good sheet features one advertiser an issue, which covers the cost of the sheet; Starbucks has not paid Good for the sheets.
It's my guess that this is the same business set-up the new Banana Republic Maga-cata-zine-logue has: the store gets the content, the advertiser foots the bill.

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