Nov 21, 2008

Tranny in Single Ladies not Beyonce

So here is a timeline of the Single Ladies meme, tranny and all:

1. "Mexican Breakast", choreograhy by Bob Fossee. I'd never seen this until I saw the "Walk It Out" video. I doubt anyone had except die-hard Fosse and musical theatre fans.

2. "Walk it Out" Mash-Up. We all saw this a long time ago. So funny. Then months passed.

3. The Single Ladies video pops up, with Mexican Breakfast moves. (!!!) Not only that, the video is spectacular in itself. I also noticed that choreography resembled drag queen tranny moves. It's later revealed by Bossip that the woman on the left is (a) a tranny and (b) the choreographer. Mmhmm! The video also has a Wikipedia entry.

4. The Mash-Up. Not important, but funny.

5. The fan video. He'd later go on to appeared on The Bonnie Hunt show. More fan videos.

6. The SNL parody (11-15-08) featuring Justin Timberlake & Andy Samburg (of "D*** in a Box" fame). If this link no longer works, the LA Times gives the reason why: music clearance.


11-28-08: Katy Perry posts her own take.

Live Beyonce, no Tranny, Nov 26. Photos

On the Ellen show 11-25-08

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