Jun 6, 2006

Legs of a giant Goddess

Gillette went all out to get attention for their Goddess razor by pulling a giant stunt. They got an uncool (according the NYTimes upfronts blog) superstar to accept an award the company made up. This is not new. I think every cable channel now has it's own awards show. Gillette did get press: photos in all the gossip mags of Mariah in front of a wall with the brand name printed on it and standing next to a monstrosity. Do you remember the lamp Ralphie's Dad won in "A Christmas Story"? Picture that, minus the light, make it two stories tall and add one leg. Yes, a giant model of Mariah Carey's legs was made and she was forced to stand beside it. And after the ceremony, the giant legs will be displayed in front of Radio City Music Hall for all the tourists to question and ignore. Mariah was supposed to sing on the Today show next to the legs, but the stage was not to her liking so she cancelled.

The stunt is probably excellent and Gillette is probably very pleased. They got their product into the gossip mags, which is probably their target demo. So, I guess this event was a success. Here's a snarky review of the event and idea and more photos. The writer thinks the reason she did the stunt was to promote her tour. I'd agree. She probably sent out requests for endorsement deals to get her name out there as she is promoting her tour. I love this pr stuff, the more I learn!

But watch the video. I like when Mariah reveals the legs and her song starts to play in the background, looped. There is no applause, no nothing. I don't think they should have video taped it. It's more of a pres event for still photos. (Source)

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