Jun 6, 2006

Richard Simmons tosses a salad...fashion show

Salad Spritzers threw a fashion show in Grand Central Station hosted by Richard Simmons and featuring fashions made from and inspired by salad fixins like lettuce, carrots and watermelon and designed by a former "Project Runway" contestant. I hope the show tours. :)

I found a first-hand account of the event at this blog:

"Today as I was strolling through Grand Central on my way to work, around 10 a.m. (sweet), I walked by a promotion for Wish Bone Salad Spritzers. I think Salad Spritzers are low-fat salad dressings that come in spray bottles with magickal calorie-blocking nozzles, so consumers can shave a few precious calories off their already-low-fat salad dressing and be skinny like models in this morning's...

Wish Bone Salad Spritzers Faux Fashion-Show! In Grand Central! COOL!

The spectacle came complete with runway, thumping and vaguely Euro bass-music, and lights rigged to look like flashbulbs going off. The stage had a backdrop covered with sexy logos for Salad Spritzers. Striding and swinging around the stage was a model. People were standing in clumps and watching her parade haughtily down the runway. Her lipstick was Psychosis Red. She was wearing what appeared to be a metallic salad-bowl hat.

I am not kidding.

Her expression said, "I feel only alluring disdain for you and your pathetic, salad-bowl-hat-less existence." Also her expression had a German accent.

1. Somebody thought of this fake fashion-show.
2. The idea was approved by a committee of advertisers and the Wish Bone brass.
3. The inventor got paid for the idea, probably a good amount.
4. People actually stopped to watch this.
5. I should get over my social anxiety, because that lady was wearing a f***ing salad bowl and acting like she was hot doody."

I think the show was a very creative way to launch a product. I think the event looks charming and fun and puts this new product, a sprayable salad dressing, in a positive light. Not only would I try the product (which I was going to the minute I saw an ad for it online) but I would become a fan. It's an innovative product in itself coupled with creative marketing. Reminds me of Apple. (Source)

Mark Baratelli's myspace page

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